Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Sets

With Valentine's Day being only 5 days away, I decided that I wanted this week's Saturday Sets to be romantic! I know that some people call it "Single's Awareness Day", but I love Valentine's Day! It doesn't have to be about you and your significant other! This is a day to show everyone you love how much they mean to you! Go on a date with your friends, take you parents to dinner, call your grandma! Love is love, no matter who you share it with. 

Here are five different looks, all romantic and appropriate for Valentine's Day with anyone you love!

Pretty by fashionistlady

50's Love by marianaclement

Valentine's Day by lifestyle-ala-grace

Untitled #1131 by barones-tania

Peachy Pink.... by nz-carla

Which set  is your favorite?

Who are celebrating Valentine's Day with?

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1 comment:

  1. Hi there Christina! :)

    Once more a lovely post! I'm kinda divided between the last two sets. Love the colours and the elegance.