Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pinterest Favorites

Pinterest is an escape for me. If I'm feeling down, I browse through the quotes for a little pick-me-up. If I'm needing a good laugh, I browse through humor. If I find myself in a lovely mood and want wedding inspiration, I browse through weddings. If I need a worldly getaway, I browse through travel. Pinterest takes you place that you've never been before. It's a way to find, or lose yourself. 

Dream Destination: Bern, Switzerland

Dream Home: Three Levels 

Future Closet: Chevron Dress 

Wedding Ideas: Mr. and Mrs. Mugs 

Beauty: The Beauty Department's Basic Makeup Order

So Funny: I really do love everything this much... 

Wisdom: Live for yourself 

Decor and Such: DIY Mercury Glasses

Random Things I Love: Call Me Maybe Puppy Version

Food: Rachel Ray's 5 Basic Sauces

 Health and Fitness: CRAP v. FOOD

Interesting Life Tools: Colored Staples

Vegan/Vegetarian: Veggie Cooking Sheet 

Which pin is your favorite?

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Side note: I am not endorsed, sponsored, or paid by Pinterest.

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