Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pinterest Favorites

Whenever I find myself needing any amount of inspiration, be it little or huge, I turn to Pinterest! Pinterest is beyond amazing for inspiration. I know I've said it before, but you can literally find almost anything on there! There are so many categories to browse through and endless amounts of pins. I could really make pinning my job. This week I decided to add a new board that I've been pinning to, Vegetarian/Vegan Recipes! I really love looking at all the delicious options I have when it comes to trying to incorporate my meatless meals into my life! These are my favorite pins from the week, especially the last one! Looks so yummy! 

Dream Destination: Open Arch Heart in Maui, Hawaii

Dream Home: Gorgeous Open Living Room

Future Closet: Kate Spade New York Tote

Wedding Ideas: Bride Hoodie

Beauty: Arabian Nights Trio by NARS

So Funny: Teachers and Midterms

Wisdom: Don't Judge Me

Decor and Such: Hallway Sign

Random Things I Love: Wine Tasting Display 

Food: Reuben Rolls

Health and Fitness: Weight Lifting Wisdom

Interesting Life Tools:

Vegetarian/Vegan Recipes: Vegan Sweet Potato Ravioli 

Which pin is your favorite?

Do you use Pinterest to find inspiration? 

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Side note: I am not endorsed, sponsored, or paid by Pinterest. But I do pin a whole lot of stuff! 

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