Monday, February 25, 2013

Get Fit Recipe: BBQ Tofu Sandwiches

When I was browsing through the vegetarian dinner recipes on I cam across this interesting bit! I was so excited to try this, even B was excited! I'm a huge fan of coleslaw on burgers, so of course I had to try this! In my attempt to eat more veggies and healthier protein, this sandwich now has a permanent place in my recipe book! I've linked the original recipe from down below! This recipe is B approved, and picky eater approved! It tasted just like a BBQ burger! Maybe not as meaty and greasy, but definitely a good substitute! 

1 14oz Package of Extra Firm (or Firm) Water-Packed Tofu, Drained
1/4 C of Onions, Thinly Sliced
1/8 tsp of Salt
1 TBSP of Canola Oil
1/2 C of Prepared BBQ Sauce
1 1/2 C of Coleslaw Mix
2 TBSP of Low Fat Mayonnaise
2 tsp of Red Wine Vinegar
1/4 tsp of Garlic Powder
Pepper to Taste
4 Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns, Toasted
4 Dill Pickle Slices

Quick Note: I switched out the canola oil for olive oil, the mayonnaise for greek yogurt, and the garlic powder for onion powder. It all still tasted wonderful!

1. Place onion in small bowl and cover with cold water , set aside.

2. Stand tofu on its long narrow side. Cut lengthwise into 4 rectangular slabs. Sprinkle with salt.

3. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add tofu. Cook until browned on both sides. About 4 minutes per side.

4. Reduce the that to low. Add BBQ sauce and carefully turn the tofu to coat with sauce. Cover and cook for another 3 minutes.

5. meanwhile, combine coleslaw, mayonnaise, vinegar, garlic powder, and pepper in a medium bowl. Drain the onions.

6. To assemble the sandwiches, place about 1/3 C of the coleslaw mix on each bun. Top with tofu salt, a pickle and a few onion slices.

7. Drizzle any remaining sauce over the onions before topping with the bun. Enjoy!

Have you tried tofu before?

If you try this recipe, tell me how you like it!

What other recipes do you make that use tofu?

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