Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pinterest Favorites

Do you ever spend hours pinning? I do. There have been nights when B and I are watching a movie and instead of actually watching, I'm on Pinterest! I'm obsessed. Recently, due to my health and the lack of food I can eat, I've been pinning a ton of food I can't eat. It serves as a "one day when I'm all better I can eat that!" motivation. I have been trying though to pin some healthier foods and vegetarian alternatives! With that being said, here are my favorite pins of the week!

Dream Destination: Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, New Zealand

Dream Home: Washer/Dryer in the Closet

Future Closet: Mint Bow Blouse

Wedding Ideas: Cute Wedding Program

Beauty: Choosing Your Best Nail Shape

So Funny: Amount of Drink v. Location of Your Waiter

Wisdom: Sleeping Beauty Quote 

Decor and Such: Get Naked Tub

Random Things I Love: Glitter Envelopes

Food: BLT Pasta Salad

Health and Fitness: Eat Right Rule

Interesting Life Tools: Rules for Spring Gardening 

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Which pin is your favorite?

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Side note: I am not endorsed, sponsored, or paid by Pinterest. I just pin all day and night! 

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