Monday, February 25, 2013

Health Update: 6 Weeks

It's been six weeks! I've be able to integrate certain vegetables, dairy, and most grains back into my diet. Everyone was very shocked to hear me say "I'm so excited to eat veggies!" There are still certain foods that I'm "allowed" to have, but I'm still allergic to. Obviously I shouldn't be eating those foods, but it's hard to know which ones are causing my delayed reactions. When I make a recipe that has 10 ingredients, and only 1 is causing the problem, it's tough. 

I ending up loosing another 7.2 pounds, making that 20 pounds down. But sadly, I've gained 5.6 of those pounds back. All because of these mystery foods, dang. So my weight loss has come to 14.4 pounds, which is still good, and I'm still happy. 

My energy levels continue to rise, despite everything that I've been through in the past two weeks with school, work, and these darn foods. B has definitely been enjoying some of my recipes! All of the recipes posted in my "Get Fit Recipes" are all man approved. B was thinking about joining a gym. Apparently Planet Fitness is open 24hrs during the week here. Cardio run at 2 am! I'm still exercising at home, but it has seriously decreased. I try to squeeze in a workout between midterms, papers, homework, blog posts, and my real job. Finally though, midterms have passed, I'm all caught up on my blog posts, and no more work trips until later this year! Time to get back into my fitness routine! 

Be sure to check out my Get Fit Recipes and let me know some of your healthy recipes! 
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