Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My DIY Project: Forever Flowers

I guess you could say my big theme this week is florals. They just make me so happy! For my DIY project this month, I created a simple flower arrangement that requires only the occasionally dusting. Don't get me wrong, I love when B brings me home a bouquet of fresh flowers from the store, but the always die. Obviously. No matter how diligent my constant trimming and feeding of the flowers, they meet their end. Unfortunately, I got overly excited and didn't take pictures of each step. But it's so simple, I'll just have to explain it and then show you the final result. 

What you'll need:
6 Flowers of you choice 
1 Mason Jar
1 Rubberband or Hair Tie
1 Bag of Glass Marbles or Gems
1 Wire Cutter 

Step 1: Trim your fake flowers to the desired length. You'll probably need your wire cutter at this point, those suckers are tough!
2. After cutting all 6 flowers, arrange them how you want them set in the mason jar. Secure with rubber band or hair tie. I used a hair tie, because I can.
3. Have your marbles or gems, I used gems, ready to go after you've placed your secured flowers inside the mason jar.
Step 4: Begin to drop in the marbles or gems all around the flower stems.
Step 5: Let go of your flowers, straighten them up a bit, and place them where you want them.
Step 6: Enjoy your beautiful DIY flower arrangement!

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Which color flowers would you have chosen?

Do you prefer fresh or fake flowers?

What are some of your DIY projects using flowers?

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