Monday, July 28, 2014

Motivational Monday: Finding Your True Potential

Life can be considerably overwhelming. And it doesn't matter what stage you're at in your life, it can still be a handful. I remember my dad always asking me, "You're in high school, how are you stressed out?" I used to laugh it off and try to explain to him ever thing that was going on in my life. He would just smile and reply, "Just wait until you're in the real world." What I think he forgot, was the for me, high school was the real world at the time. Moving forward in my life, college was the real world, my break in between undergrad and grad school is my current real world, and in 1 year, grad school will be my real world. The real world isn't some destination full of stress and anxiety, it's what you're living right now. 

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In order to being to fully comprehend your greatest potential, you have to become overwhelmed. This isn't a bad thing. People make stress out to be such a horrible thing. I remember learning in my AP Psychology class in high school that there was good stress and bad stress. We all go through both forms of stress, some more than others, but when we lack ourselves of good stress, all we have left is bad stress. That's when we begin to look at life in a negative way. 

I thrive on stress, now. In high school, I loved it. In the beginning of my undergrad, I lost control. And now, good stress is something that keeps me motivated on a daily basis. I have a heavy work schedule, I have to work on my blog and YouTube channel, I have Briam to include in my life schedule, my family has to go in there too, and then we add my friends. Of course it doesn't seem bad, because it's not. It's a lot of good things all going on at once. 

The other day I had a customer ask me a very important question. It doesn't seem like it's that important, but when I had to formulate my answer for her, I really had to look within myself. She asked me, "If you have a Bachelor's degree, why are you working as an associate in a retail store?" It took me a second to answer, because really though, why was I working a job where I fold panties for a living when I have a B.A.S in Organizational Management. I finally answered, "Because I know there are greater things out there for me. Everything that challenges me and gets me excited requires a Master's Degree. So that's what I'm doing, I'm going back for my MBA." 

I could easily find a respectable job, with financial stability, benefits, and all sorts of great things, but nothing excites me. I know that I'm struggling with things right now, but after I have my MBA, it's all going to look brighter. You will never know your true potential if you don't struggle and push yourself to be the best version of you, you can be. 

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