Sunday, March 10, 2013

What I'm Reading: March 2013

I have to say guys, I've read these books before, in 2006. I've had these books for 7 years now! And yes, I do plan to read them again! I'm sure these books are classified as "young adult fiction" and I'm sure some people will look down on me reading them. I'm almost 23 and I like books with pictures. There, I said it. I believe, no matter what, these books will make you happy. Lisa Barham does an amazing job in making Imogene feel like she's a friend of mine. I relate so well to the characters and am sadden when I finish the book and remember that they aren't real. I highly suggest picking these books up for a good read! 

You can check out more of the books by Lisa Barham here!

And by the way, I just discovered, like right now as I'm writing this, that she came out with a third book in this little series called Accidentally Fabulous! I need this book. Now. 

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