Monday, March 4, 2013

Pinterest Favorites

I've been slightly slacking in my pinning department these past weeks. It's so sad, I know. Finding new pins is so exciting and, in a way, refreshing. It's like "Oh! I haven't seen that before! I better save it!" Certain pins become very popular on Pinterest, and they're all you ever see. When I found these pins, I was so excited! Something new!  

Dream Destination: Lombard Street, San Francisco 

Dream Home: Walk-in Master Closet 

Future Closet: Navy Anchor Sandals

Wedding Ideas: Twinkling Backdrop

Beauty: Sally Hansen Leg Makeup
(This stuff works wonders!)

So Funny!: Best Friend Requirement

Wisdom: Positive Thoughts

Decor and Such: Lemons and Flowers
(So pretty!! Perfect for Spring and Summer!)

Random Things I Love: Cat Shaped Ice Cubes

Food: Springform Pan Recipes  

Health and Fitness: Lauren Conrad's Calorie Blast Workout

Interesting Life Tools: Spaghetti Measurer 

Vegan/Vegetarian: Vegetarian Rueben  

Which pin is your favorite? 

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