Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Mark. Trend Insider Prize Bundle

When you're a mark. representative, you get all sorts of perks and bonuses! This particular bonus happened to be a prize bundle from the trend insider! A bunch of other reps were entered and I was lucky enough to win. I've so very thankful to mark. for all of these wonderful goodies and I wanted to share them with you! I hope no one takes this as bragging, I just want everyone to know what wonderful opportunities you could have if you join mark. as well! 

To show you all of these prizes, I'll break it down by category!

Makeup: Glimmer Shine Lip Glosses 
Nude, Berry, and Pink 

Fragrance: Jewel Shine 

Jewelry: Good Vintage Earrings and Moonlighting Necklace

Handbags: Hot to Handle Bag

Which product is your favorite? 

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To purchase any of these items for yourself or anyone else, click on the mark. tab in the navigation bar! 

Want more information on becoming a mark. rep? Email me! (contact me tab)

Side note: I am affiliated with mark. being that I am an independent sales representative of the company. 

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