Friday, January 18, 2013

Get Fit Workout: Beginner Yoga for the Core

Following along with two of my New Year's resolutions, I've been looking for a few good yoga videos on YouTube. I don't have the best attention span. If the video is the slightest bit boring, I'm zoned out. When I came across the Beginner Yoga with Tara Stiles videos, I was so amazed! These videos are straight to the point and are entertaining. Each move is explained thoroughly and the video is less than 10 minutes, great for a quick workout! Also, because the videos are nice and quick, I like to watch them first before I try. This way, I have somewhat of an idea of what I'm supposed to be doing! 

I find yoga to be such an empowering workout. Being able to use my body to build strength all while finding my center and peace is incredible. Every time I finish a yoga routine, I always come out refreshed an ready to get work done! I like to do yoga in the morning to wake me up and help get my day started. B and I, every now and then, will do some yoga stretches at night if we've had a rough day. 

Do you do yoga? What's your favorite yoga video?

Don't do yoga? What's your favorite workout routine? 

Side note: I am not endorsed, sponsored, or paid by any of the brands or companies mentioned above. 


  1. i love the decor behind her. thanks for this posting. i have been meaning to get back to yoga. she makes it look easy (easier than the video collecting dust near my tv).

    1. She does make it look easy!! And don't feel bad, I just pulled out my yoga dvd that fell behind my desk about a month ago, last night.


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