Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My DIY Project: Scarf Holder

I love being organized. A place for everything and everything in its place! Recently, I was having trouble finding ways to organize my scarves. I have 11 scarves. Now this may or may not be a lot, depends on who you ask. I'm sure it seems like a lot, mostly because I live in Florida. We use scarves one day out of the year. But I love them! And I end up collecting them. Most of them are from Target (7), the rest are from Mark. (3) and Banana Republic (1). 

Because somebody, B, wouldn't let me get anything that had to be mounted on the wall, I had to find something that hung on the door. This proved to be nearly impossible. I didn't want to order anything online, so I went to Target and Home Depot, nothing. I finally went to Walmart, and would you know, I found one! And it even has 3 staggered bars! The only down side, it's not the right color. All of the metal accents in my office/closet are bronze. This thing, is "chrome". Briam brought home some sand paper and we bought bronze spray paint to make this sad looking towel organizer match everything else. Sadly, I'm terribly picky which means extra work for me. 

What you'll need:
An over the door towel organizer
A screw driver
Sand paper
Bronze and Black spray paint
Shower curtain hooks 

Step 1: Buy and assemble the towel organizer.
(Tools: Screw driver)
 (Don't mind the suitcase and exercise ball in the background...)

Step 2: Sand and spray the assemble organizer with the bronze paint.
Step 3: Spray a light mist of black paint to add a vintage effect.
(Tools: Sand paper and spray paint)

Step 4: Allow the organizer to dry.
Step 5: Hang the organizer over the desired door. I did my closet door!

Step 6: Using the shower curtain hooks, hang your scarves on your new scarf holder! Ta da!
(Tools: Shower curtain hooks. I got mine at Target!)
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How do you hang or store your scarves?

What's your favorite DIY project?

Make sure to check back for more DIY projects!!

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