Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My New Year's Resolutions

Every year I make new (or repeating) resolutions that normally end up vanishing around March. But this year, I've come up with five measurable resolutions that I'm very confident that I can stick to! 

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How can I measure each of these resolutions? I'll tell you how!

1. I've made a list of all the books I own, that I haven't read yet. Once I finish reading one, it will come off the list. Once my list is gone, I've completed my resolution! 

2. There are plenty of fitness trackers out there on the internet that allow you to, well, track what you do each day. I like to write mine done on my calendar. Being able to see it every morning will remind me that I need to do yoga. Once I've finished my workout, I'll put a check next to the task. 

3. Now I'm pretty good when it comes to school, but last semester, even though I got all A's, I felt very unorganized. This semester, I plan to keep a better handle on my assignments and not wait until the last minute to study. This can be measured by what my teacher posts in the online grade book. 

4. I get an email from Bloglovin' everyday telling me about my daily feed. Do I look at it? Maybe once every two weeks. But then I just end up passing over some really good blog posts that I should have read! Now to measure this, instead of deleting the email right away, I won't delete it until I've read through my daily feed. If my emails start to pile up, I know I've gotten behind! 

5. This is by far the most important resolution on my list. As far as I know, and my doctor hasn't gone into much detail yet, it's an autoimmune thyroid disorder. So, once we figure out the true problem, we can work on the solution. This can be measured by how much my overall health improves. 

What are your New Year's resolutions?

How do you stick to them and keep track?

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