Monday, January 28, 2013

Health Update: 2 Weeks

It's been two weeks now that I've drastically changed my eating habits in attempt to get my thyroid back in order. I've been limited to only fruit, poultry, and avocados. I tried my first avocado the other day and I loved it! I was so excited! It's been an emotionally taxing two weeks. There's been many tears, questions and hunger induced fights. 

I know it's been tough on B too. He's the one who has to deal with my emotional roller coaster. Obviously he can't stop eating what he normally does just because I can't have it. He works hard, he needs his fuel. But to watch him eat some of my favorite food while I eat some grapes is tough. There have been nights that he doesn't want to eat dinner with me because he does't want to upset me. Which is a nice gesture, but the fact that he didn't want to eat with me upset me too. But I think he understands. I mean he's being a serious trooper. He's been so supportive. 

I only have two more weeks left before I can start eating vegetables again! Except for mushrooms and garlic, I have to wait 2.5 more months for those. I've never been so excited for veggies in my entire life. I've been looking up recipes and pinning recipes on pinterest for vegetarian/vegan meals. Also in two weeks, I get most of my grains and dairy back. This kind of scares me because I don't want my body to get freaked out and gain back all the weight I've lost. The whole plan is to ease my way back into dairy and grains by only having them a few times a week for the first month or two. 

Updates: In the past two weeks my energy levels have drastically increased, I've lost 12.8 pounds, I've started eating things I would have never thought to try, and my anxiety about certain aspects of my life has decreased. I've also come up with some great recipes and found some amazing workouts! 

Basic Fruit Salad

Pineapple Chicken with Quinoa

Baked Apples 

Yoga for Beginners  

Alternate Your Workouts

To check out these recipes, workouts, and tips, scroll through my blog archive for that and other great posts! 

Have you been working on improving your health? 


  1. All of that looks amazing. I can't get enough of fruit!

    I would love to hear your thoughts on my latest post!