Sunday, June 29, 2014

Swanky Sunday - A Sephora Shopping Spree

Come on, who wouldn't want a Sephora shopping spree? I'm pretty sure if someone came to me and said "You have an unlimited budget at Sephora, have at it, you deserve it." I think I might die. Or maybe just lay on the floor and cry tears of pure joy for at least an hour. Who knows. But, if by some miracle of God, that ever happens, I promise to let you know how I react. Or have Briam film it to sweeten the deal. But for now, filled with only hopes and dreams, I've created a fantasy shopping spree! Basically everything I would get with my shopping miracle. 

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What would you by at Sephora if you had an unlimited budget?

One of everything please!

A girl can dream. 

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