Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thirsty Thursday: Peep-Arita, An Easter Margarita

I'm convinced that my dad is the king of margaritas. That's the only drink he ever orders. EVER. So when I decided I was going to make a margarita for Easter, obviously I called him and made him the official taste tester! I guess he really liked it because he kept drinking the glass I made him! He even ate the peep and called it a drunken bunny... Oh dad. Anyways, this is the perfect grown-up Easter drink! And it pairs perfectly with my Easter Eggs from Tasty Tuesday! My dad was very happy when I showed up at his house with tequila and eggs! 

1 Part Tequila (Silver is preferred) 
3 Parts Margarita Mix
1 tbsp Grenadine
Food Coloring of Choice
Peeps of Choice (optional)

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1. To a shaker full of ice add: tequila, margarita mix, and grenadine. Shake to mix.
2. Pour mixture into a margarita glass.
3. Now it's time to pick your color! I wanted to go for a purple so I added red and blue food coloring. More blue than red because of the red grenadine. The lighting made the purple look darker, but it was much lighter. Obviously the peep isn't that neon, so yeah. 
4. For an optional garnish, cut a peep in the center and place it on the rim of the glass, Easter style! 

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Obviously you can omit the tequila and have virgin margaritas! Which would be perfect for the almost legal drinkers! However you make this drink, enjoy! 


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