Monday, April 21, 2014

Motivational Monday

My entire life I was taught this: If it doesn't make you happy, don't do it. Everyday I try to live by this philosophy. Now that's not to say that everything I do everyday of my life make me happy, of course not, but what I get as a result of what I do makes me happy. I'll give you a few examples to better explain myself. 

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I had a good job. Paid $9/hour, always had Sunday and Monday off. But I was so unhappy. I found a different job that paid $8.25/hour and I was continuously happy. I left the first job because the second job made me happier. I still have a job, my bills are still paid, and I have a much larger chance of growing with the company. Taking a small pay cut for greater rewards made me happier. 

Still on the subject of jobs, I got a 2nd job whilst at my $8.25/hour job as a  guest services manager of a bigger retail store. Paid $14.25/hour, full-time. After 2 months, I left. I was horribly mistreated, harassed, and gossiped about. The pay was not worth it. I would cry on my way to work because of how much I hated working there. No job should EVER make you cry. I went back to my $8.25/hour job, because it made me happy. 

Another example, regarding my education: I went to FSU (Florida State) for almost 3 years. I switched between 4 different majors and was floundering. I got a 4 in my Calc 2 class. A 4 out of 100. Big fat F. So I packed up my things, moved home, and went to a local state college. I now have a 3.83 GPA, I was inducted into Sigma Beta Delta, and I have plans to get my MBA. I still love FSU, that's where I'll get my MBA, but it wasn't making me happy at the time. Now I'm extremely proud of my education and intelligence. Moving home and starting fresh made me happy. 

Living your life this way will seriously increase your quality of life. Planning for your future, of happiness, and mapping out how to get there with a clear plan of action will lead you to your happiness. Everyday try to be happy. Do something everyday that makes you happy. Exercise, read a book, watch YouTube videos, scroll through blogs, play with your pet, kiss your significant other. 


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