Friday, April 4, 2014

Fancy Friday

Buy all the things. The closer I get to graduation the more I want to reward myself. As I pass each final, I want to reward myself even more. I guess when you work so hard at creating a better life for yourself, you actually want to see those efforts become tangible rewards. These nothing wrong with treating yourself after all your expenses have been taken care of. This includes putting away some money into a savings account. I'm a firm believer in taking care of your business before you take care of yourself. But that's also why the rewards are ever so nice.  

I can not say enough about Fossil. I think they are an outstanding watch company at a reasonable price. They are on the higher-end of the watch game, but for the quality, function, and beauty, it's definitely worth it. I bought the Riley Multifunction Stainless Steel Watch in Rose Gold about 9 months ago and it's perfect. The colors, the fact that it holds up to me wearing it everyday, water resistant, there's just so much more I could say. But it is a bigger watch, which is why I've been eyeing the Olive Three-Hand Stainless Steel Watch! So pretty, dainty, and decked out! 

I mean, who doesn't love a good pair of dayboat shorts? The color is beautiful and they have little fishes in a vibrant yellow all over. These are like the perfect quintessential South Florida Girl shorts! When I first stumbled across Vineyard Vines I immediately fell in love. Too bad I don't really frequent the beach or go yachting on the weekends... Nope I chill with Briam and watch Futurama reruns. But I would look super cute at home in these shorts! Check out these Fish Embroidered Dayboat Shorts in Aquamarine here!

Is it really that obvious. I love Pink. I work at Pink. I enjoy the occasional "my friend just turned 21, I guess we need to party" party. I'm also a fan of the "I just passed a test on Strategic Planning in 8 minutes with a 100" party. And even though I'm not a real beach goer, I love a fun beach towel. So when the day comes that I become a real Florida girl and love the beach, you better believe that this Beach Towel from PINK will be in my beach bag! 

If Kesha had a bath bomb, this would be it. And I would happily share a PG bath time with her. Here are the reasons why I need it in my life: 1) It's a bath bomb and I truly enjoy baths. 2) It's exterior layer is gold glitter, I would bath in real glitter if I could. 3) It's called the Golden Egg, Easter is almost here. 4) It's made by Lush. 5) It makes me happier than any other bath bomb. If those aren't all the best reasons why you should get it too, than I don't know how to help you. Lush got it right for this Easter, the Golden Egg is on point!

This looks like an awkward sex toy, I know. But it's actually one of the coolest curling irons I've ever seen. The curls/waves the produce are so fun and beachy that it's perfect for summer. I've seen my friend with hair done to her butt use this and her curls will hold for over 2 days. Legit awesome. I'd be happy with this one from Bed Head or the one from Hot Tools. If we're being honest, this picture was the least awkward of the two. This is called the Rock 'N Roller Bubble Curling Iron Wand. What a  mouth full. 

Obviously I have to toot my own horn here. These earring are from Chloe + Isabel, a jewelry company that I sell for. They are beyond gorgeous, have a lifetime guarantee, are hypoallergenic, and are only $28. Of course I do get a small commission if you buy these, legally have to tell you that, but I wouldn't show you anything that I didn't fully support 100%. check out these Terrace Blooms Aqua Duo Earrings at my exclusively online boutique. 

What are you fancying this Friday? 

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