Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thirsty Thursday: Super Hydrating Water

I love water. No joke. I can easily drink over a gallon of water a day. I like it the best when it's practically frozen and hurts your teeth a little when you guzzle it down. But as much as I love the good ole taste of water, sometime I like to jazz things up a bit and add some flavor to it. 

My newest obsession for flavoring my water is using a variety of citrus fruit, cucumbers, and mint. Now of course you could alter this to suit your tastes. When I first tried it I thought it tasted like tangy dirt water. Not gonna lie to you here. But now I've learned how to balance all of the flavors and make it just right for me. 

I like to slice my delicious flavorings into slices and keep the mint leaves whole. I love the taste of cucumber in my water so I like to add a hefty amount of slices. I'm still not a huge fan of lemon water which is why I keep it to 3 thin slices. 

I've always been told that adding things like this to your water will show good improvements on your health. Now I don't know about my insides, but I know it definitely helped my skin! After 4 days of drinking this once a day, almost 85% of my skin problems disappeared. My zits and blackheads were gone, my complexion was brighter, and I just looked like I was glowing. 

I mean it's worth a shot right? 

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