Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Splurge and Save: Workout Time

I'm a very simple girl when it comes to what I wear when I workout. I like my leggings, sneakers, sports bra, and a top. All inexpensive. Except my shoes, but those were a gift. I'm working my ass off, sweating like a pig, probably smelling horrible. So why would I spend a ton of money on workout clothes that I'm basically destroying? I have no one to impress at the gym. And, really, you shouldn't be trying to impress anyone but yourself at the gym. And that's not based on how you look, it's based on how H.A.M you can go while you're there. Anyways, the "save" look puts $275 back in your wallet! This could buy you 4 or 5 pairs of Nike's! Save on your clothes, invest in your shoes! 

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Would you splurge or save? 

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