Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday: Week 3 Update

Week 3? What happened to week 2? Well I'll tell you what happened to week 2. Week 2 got busy and fell off the band wagon. Last Wednesday I worked 2 shifts, had school stuff that needed to be done, and had to take Briam to his doctor's appointment. Not that these are excuses, but that's why a video didn't go up, or a post. But the other truth to this is that week 2 had some hardships. I got very snacky and ate a ton of food. I ate hotdogs, pizza, cookies. A bunch of "shit" that I didn't need. So for the past week I've been trying very hard to keep my diet extremely healthy. So let's get to the results.

Weight Goals:
Starting Weight: 244.6 pounds

Goal Weight: 130 pounds

Current Weight: 237.2 pounds (-7.4 pounds)

Pounds to Lose: 107.2 pounds

Left Forearm: 10.5 inches (-.25)

Right Forearm: 11.25 inches

Left Bicep: 15.5 inches (-.50)

Right Bicep: 16 inches (-.25)

Chest: 41.5 inches (-1.5)

Waist: 39 inches (-1.0)

Hips: 50 inches (-1.0)

Left Thigh: 28.5 inches (-.50)

Right Thigh: 29 inches (-.25)

Left Calf: 15.25 inches

Right Calf: 15.25 inches (-.25)

Total Inches Lost This Week: 5.5 inches

Total Inches Lost: 10 inches

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