Thursday, September 12, 2013

Get To Know Me... Let's Be Friends!

Who's ready to learn a lot about me and become my friend?! All my basic answers are below but make sure to watch the video to get in depth answers to each question! 

The Questions:
Name: Christina
Nicknames: Christy 
Birthday: May 26
Place of Birth: Mississippi
Star Sign: Gemini (Twins!)
Occupation: Student, Sales Associate, and YouTuber 

Hair color: "Full Bodied Brown"
Hair length: Medium - Long
Eye color: Brown
Best feature: Hair and Lips
Braces: Nope
Piercings: Just my ears
Tattoos: None
Righty of Lefty: Righty 

Best friend: Kelsey 
Award: Cutest Baby 
Sport: Soccer
Real Holiday: Halloween 
Concert: Spice Girls 

Film: The Devil Wears Prada
TV Show: Grey's Anatomy
Color: Teal
Song: Varies
Restaurant: Eat All The Food... 
Store: Buy All The Things...
Book: To Kill A Mockingbird
Magazine: Vogue
Shoes: Flippy Flops! 

Feeling: Happy
Single or Taken: Taken
Eating: Breakfast 
Listening to: Lady Gaga
Thinking about: School Work
Watching: Shaaanxo on YouTube
Wearing: My PJ's 

Want Children: Possibly
Want to be married: Very much so
Careers in mind: Famous YouTuber
Where do you want to live: Where there are seasons 

Do you believe in:
God: Yes
Miracles: Yes
Love at first sight: Yes
Ghosts: Yes
Aliens: Yes
Soul Mates: Yes
Heaven: Yes
Hell: Yes
Kissing on the first date: Only a little peck! 
Yourself: Mostly 

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  1. Hey Doll! Love this post, I want to do it, it gives a better insight on the person behind the blog! I believe in everything you believe in to! you should listen to Coast To Coast if you like conspiracy, aliens, ect. Love the lay out of your blog as well!