Monday, September 22, 2014

Motivational Monday: Start Now and Live Your Dreams

The other day I was doing my usual routine at work, fixing clothes, folding panties, etc. But the conversation I was having with one of the girls I work with was a little different. Typically we talk about our boyfriends, makeup, funny things, and what not. This day we were talking about our dreams and our goals for the future. She's very good at her job, I mean really good, but I know she doesn't want to work in retail forever. 

She had mentioned that she was thinking about going back to school for interior design, but wasn't too sure about it. I had questioned her a little bit about her hesitancy and listened to her concerns. Turns out, she and I are pretty similar. The whole "jack of all trades" type. I like a bit of everything, and i'd like to actually accomplish a bit of everything. So does she. 

I guess my little story for you was to stress the importance of doing what you love no matter what. You can work, go to school, have a family, and still pursue your dreams! There are so many ways to accomplish so much these days! Online course, self teaching, night school, and much more. 

I have a friend who works 2 job and is going to school to be a surgical technician. Another is working, raising her daughter as a single mother, and going to school to be a social worker. I'm working, running a blog and 2 YouTube channels, and preparing to go for my MBA. 

There is always time for you to live your dreams. Start now and you'll never regret it. 

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